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5 Home Features to Look for Based on Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right home for your family requires looking beyond the color of the walls and the accents in the bathrooms. You have to carefully consider a home's layout and how it will suit your family's unique lifestyle. Depending on your family's lifestyle, you may want to look for one or more of these five features.

1. Extra Bedrooms for Growing Families

If your family is still young and growing, make sure the home you purchase has enough bedrooms for the present and the future as well.

As a general guideline, you'll need to remain in the home you purchase for a minimum of five years in order to at least break even financially when you sell it. Over the course of five years, it's possible to have more children. Make sure all of the children you might have over the next few years will have a place to sleep.

Even if you plan on having children share rooms, you might still need additional bedrooms. As children grow and mature, they sometimes need a little more space. What works now for sharing might not work in the future. Think about how many children can realistically share rooms in the future and purchase a home that will meet those needs.

2. A Large Backyard for the Children

If your children live with you, look for a home that has a decently sized backyard regardless of their age. A spacious backyard will give your children and their friends a safe place to play, and it will be a place where you can watch them. You'll be able to make sure they're not getting into trouble, and your children won't be bored because they'll be able to play in semi-independence with their friends.

3. A Family Room Away From the Master Bedroom

If you and other family members have different sleep schedules, seek out a home where the family room, or other primary entertainment areas, isn't close to the master bedroom. You don't want your master bedroom adjacent to or directly overhead of the family room.

Keeping the family room and master bedroom away from each other will benefit both you and your fellow family members. While others are awake, you’ll be able to get your rest without disturbing either your family members' fun.

4. An Open Floor Plan for Entertaining

If your family likes to entertain and throw parties, a home with an open floor plan will serve your family well. Open floor plans make it easy for people to mingle during get-togethers, and they accommodate more people than designs where rooms are more segregated.

Perhaps even more importantly, open plans make it easy to continue visiting with guests while you're in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dishes or pouring drinks.

5. Multiple Bathrooms

No matter how large or small your family is, search for a home that has at least two bathrooms. If you have a big family, you might want a home that has three or more bathrooms.

Having two bathrooms makes managing nature's calls much easier, especially when one family member isn't feeling well. If one bathroom is occupied by a family member who's sick, another one is still free for others to use when they have to go.

Having three or four bathrooms is less important, for it's not often that everyone needs to use it at the exact same time. However, for especially large families, having lots of bathrooms can make the morning routine easier as fewer people have to share a sink and mirror.

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