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Beyond Curb Appeal: What Really Matters in a Home for Sale

House for sale
Searching for your dream home can be a fun adventure, yet it can also present a variety of challenges. It's tempting to take one look at a home and make initial judgments. That's why many home sellers put a great deal of effort into a house's curb appeal.
As you look for a home to buy, you will find that many things matter more than first impressions. Empower yourself to make wiser choices when you consider the aspects of a home that truly matter.

Where the Home Is Situated

The location of a house matters as much as almost anything else about it. That's why you can get a small space for a fortune in Manhattan that would cost a pittance in a small town. When you're looking for the home that will best suit you, first think about where you want to live. Then when you are looking at homes, carefully consider how far the house is from your top areas to live.
Assess how safe the neighborhood is. Also, a house that is located near stores can make life easier. The neighborhood a home is in will dictate whether you will owe money every month to a homeowners' association and are obligated to follow the association's rules.  A home's location is also important for families because it can determine which school children may attend.

What the Floor Plan Is 

A home's floor plan is more important than many people realize when they first start going to open houses and home showings. For one thing, the floor plan can contribute to how organized your life can feel. It also affects how day-to-day life in your home flows. If the den feels cut off from the rest of the home or the house has too few rooms, you aren't likely to be satisfied.
When you are at a home showing, visualize how you imagine your day-to-day life playing out. If you feel like the kitchen where you'll make breakfast isn't open to the dining nook where you'll serve your kids, then that may be enough to reevaluate interest in a home or help you identify areas you'd need to do a home makeover. A house should enhance your way of life.

Who the Neighbors Are

Your neighbors affect your life in many ways, so find out who the neighbors are before you move in. If you want to live in an area that's more remote, consider how far the nearest neighbor is from the home. Some people think a few feet from their house to the neighbor's house is fine, while some would prefer miles. Know what you really want.
While you can't exactly conduct interviews of each potential neighbor, you can ask the current homeowners for their opinion on neighbors. Keep in mind, of course, that they are trying to sell the house. You can also say hi to a couple of potential neighbors yourself and ask casual questions when you go to look at the home. 

How Well the House Is Maintained 

If the current homeowners took good care of the house, that is a good sign. Be sure to look for signs of neglect in a home. Also, if you notice a lot of potpourri and artificially good smells, take note of what bad smells the person could be trying to cover up. A house that smells of mold when not pumped full of artificially vanilla scents won't cut it.
Finally, take your time when assessing which house is the right fit. You may discover that it takes a while to fall in love with the perfect home. The most effective way to find your dream home is to choose an experienced, involved real estate agent.
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