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How to Stage Your Home in the Summer

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Summer is a popular time for home selling, but it can also be a challenging time. Heat can make buyers uncomfortable and can also take its toll on your property. Knowing how to stage your home at this hot time of year is important. These tips can help you stage your property and display your property's strengths at a time of year when everything can easily seem uncomfortably hot. 
Keep Your Lawn and Garden Maintained
Summer is a time when many lawns start to look dry and barren. This can make a bad impression on buyers who come to see your property. Ideally, your lawn will be verdant and your garden will be lush. Water your lawn and garden every other day, if need be, and trim your grass as often as is needed. Make your home look like a well-maintained oasis.
Turn the Air on High for Shows
Homeowners often try to save money on their utilities throughout the summer by turning off their air conditioner or keeping it on a higher temperature.
This is fine as long as the house is not being seen by visitors, but when potential buyers come to see the property, the inside of the home should be comfortable. In addition to making the experience of visiting the house more pleasant, this also proves that the air conditioning works well. 
Serve Lemonade and Light Snacks
Make buyers feel welcome by serving them with light summer snacks and a simple pitcher of homemade lemonade. You'll score extra points if you can serve them snacks from vegetables or fruit grown in your garden. You can point out that the food came from your own bounty by leaving a card on the table listing the ingredients. This helps prove to buyers that your property has fertile soil and your gardens are well-tended. 
Display Flowers From Your Garden
If you have seasonal flowers available, pick some just before a home show and put them into a vase. Display your flowers prominently in your dining room, kitchen, living room, or formal room. Buyers will likely recognize the flowers if they have already seen them outside and will appreciate the decorating idea for the future if they decide to buy your house. 
Close Curtains Strategically
Sunlight streaming through a window can make any part of your home feel stuffy and warm. You'll know which parts of your home are uncomfortable and when. Before your next home show, close your curtains strategically to block direct sunlight if necessary to keep your home a comfortable temperature.
In rooms where there is no direct sunlight, keep the curtains wide open to ensure that your home is lightfilled and joyful. 
Wash All the Windows
To be doubly sure that your home will have enough light during home showings, wash all windows. Use vinegar and water to spray the glass, then use a squeegee to wipe away the dirt. Do this inside and outside your home, or have a professional help you if you feel it is necessary. 
Schedule Open Houses in the Late Morning
Afternoons can be blistering hot during the summer. Mornings are a more comfortable time to have guests over, but having potential buyers over too early can cut back on the number of visitors. Therefore, the best time to schedule an open house is often in the late morning. If you're a home owner who is trying to sell your property, talk to your real estate agent. He or she can help you decide what time to hold your open houses. 
For more information about how you can stage your property for sale this summer, talk to your real estate agent. He or she can give you suggestions so you can hopefully sell your home quickly and at a good price. At Heritage Realty & Property Management, we can help answer your questions about home staging. Contact us today for help. 

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