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Tips to Help You Choose a Suitable Forever Home

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A home is a major investment that requires careful thought. You should particularly be careful when you choose a forever home where you plan to spend the rest of your life. The following guidelines should help you land a suitable forever home.

Choose an Accessible Home

As you get old, physical frailties creep in and make it difficult to navigate difficult terrains. Many diseases that strike in old age, such as arthritis, also make mobility laborious. Therefore, ensure you will access your home easily even when you are an octogenarian. For example, a forever home on a hilltop that you must access via a steep ascent is not ideal.

Choose a Navigable Home

You should not have to labor to navigate your forever home once you get old and frail or struggle to get from one part of your compound to another. In addition, avoid homes that will involve a struggle to enter and exit different rooms in your house or perform normal household tasks. Here are some features of a navigable forever home:
  • The doorways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs
  • The bedrooms are on the ground floor
  • The stairs are shallow
  • The stairwells are wide
  • The floor is at the same level
In short, a physically frail person or a person with a physical disability should get to different parts of your house without any difficulties.

Opt for a Low-maintenance Property

A good forever home is easy to maintain. You don't want to spend most of your sunset years in the care of the home; you want to enjoy your home. Here are some of the typical features of a low-maintenance home:
  • The compound is just the right size; it is neither too small for your comfort nor too big to take care of (you don't want to shovel snow for hours every day).
  • The building materials are durable and easy to care for; for example, fiberglass or PVC (plastic) is easier to care for than wood.
  • The exterior materials are weatherproof and won't suffer much damage due to weather elements.
  • The compound has hardscaping designs instead of landscaping designs in some areas; human made features (such as pavements) are easier to care for than landscaping features.
A home is high-maintenance if you require considerable physical energy and time to maintain the home. Avoid such homes since they will weigh you down with maintenance requirements once you are old.

Consider Your Future Needs

Don't just dwell on your current needs when you want to purchase a forever home; try to gauge what your future needs might be and consider them too. For example, if you want to adopt some kids one day, buy a forever home that will fit those kids too. If you plan to start a home business after your retirement, factor in the space requirements for the business when you select a home.

Ensure the Essential Services Are Nearby

You don't want to drive for miles and miles to shop for groceries or get dental health services when you get old. And, waiting too long for emergency services to reach your place can be life threatening. Therefore, choose a home in a neighborhood where these essential services are readily available.  

Ensure the Community is a Fit

Lastly, don't just focus on the home when you want a suitable forever home; consider the neighborhood and the community too. Don't forget that you will most likely spend most of your time at home as you get old. You don't want those years in a neighborhood where you don't fit well.
For example, if you can't stand noisy places, avoid college neighborhoods filled with noisy students. If you love nature, buy a home in the suburbs or a rural neighborhood where you will enjoy close contact with nature.
No detail is little when you are on the hunt for a forever home. Involve Heritage Realty & Insurance from the beginning of the hunt, and you won't take long to land a suitable forever home. Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and commence the search.

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