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Residential and Commercial Rentals in Lumberton

Heritage Realty & Property Management specializes in both residential and commercial rental properties. Please examine our available rentals listed below, call and ask for available agent.

Commercial Property
W Fifth St., Lumberton, NC
Car Lot/Bldg
Lot/Bldg.  $475/month

2008 N. Pine St., Lumberton, NC

Commercial Bldg. Available
705-B Wesley Pines, Lumberton, NC
Approx. 2880 sq. ft.

Residential Property (No Pets Allowed)
142 Doral Dr.
St. Pauls, NC
3BR 2BA House w/waterfront view

1207 McArthur Dr.
Lumberton, NC
3BR 1 1/2 BA House

71 B Jingles Dr.
Lumberton, NC
2BR/2BA Duplex Apt.
(includes water & garbage service)
45-A Jingles Dr.
Lumberton, NC 
2BR/1BA Duplex Apt.
$535.00/month (includes Water and Garbage)

399 Ireland Dr.
Lumberbridge, NC
2BR/2BA Double Wide
1817 Norment Rd                                
Lumberton, NC
3BR/2BA Double-Wide
825.00/ month

3110 Princton St.                                 71-B JINGLES DR.        
Lumberton, NC                                     LUMBERTON, NC  
3BR/2BA HOUSE                                    2BR/2BA DUPLEX APT.
$1000.00/month                                   575.00/MONTH (inc. water/garbage)

215 WEST 22ND                            1207 McAUTHER 
lUMBERTON,NC                              LUMBERTON,NC
3BR/2BA HOUSE                             3BR/1.5BA HOUSE 
650.00/MONTH                               $650.00/MONTH

**Rentals subject to change weekly**

Heritage Realty & Property Management

4828 Fayetteville Road
Lumberton, NC 28358

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.